Friday, December 26, 2014

Duo Dynamic

Adding depth on the page and in the experience and breaking out of journaling solo today. My fellow journal artist enhanced this experience. Talking. Not talking. Seeing how the other used materials. Talking about life and letting some of it fly onto the page. Letting some of it go. Great for the spirit and for the page. Each step I take I love more. I have no idea where I am headed, but I see with each element I add the whole becomes more dynamic. Sometimes it takes two. The creator and the viewer. I'd like to join others in art journaling, but have no idea about how to find others who have this obsession. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Adding Sparkle

Adding layers to my page seemed at once exciting and frightening. I like what I have so far, what if I mess it up?

That kind of thinking steals so much joy out of life, doesn't it? We never reach out for fear of making mistakes. We never take the trip, meet the friend, learn something new. What if we make mistakes? 

Also I was having a crisis of style and philosophy. I have watched a number of art journal ly videos and had come to feel I didn't want to use pre-made stencils and paper designs. I was more draw to the remix/remake/recycle vibe. But I did like the effect of stencils. I settled for using some basic geometric stencils from the craft store. Balance in all things. 

I added the stencil work and tried smudging the green into the background. Here I must admit to failure . The smudging was a clear fail...that is it is a fail if I plan to leave it as it is. So my current fail becomes tomorrow's opportunity. To remember that I added some pink paint spots and shook on purple glitter. It's time to shine.

Can't wait to see where I take it next.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Adding Watercolor Pencil

Today I added watercolor pencil to my journal page. I doubt I'll be sharing the step by step process for all my entries, but I am very excited to be starting art journaling. It is something I've wanted to try for a long time. 

After giving it a start I wonder why I have waited so long to get started. Of course I know, the first steps are often the hardest. You don't really know what it entails until you get started. New things are notoriously more difficult than you imagine they will be. 

Adding marks on top of my paint with the watercolor pencil felt both freeing and wrong at the same time. I felt a little like I was participating in graffiti. After crosshatching along the elements I used a cotton swab to add the water and mix the pencil into paint. I think the effect worked very nicely….much better than I had imagined. 

Not at all sure what will come next, but I've been thinking that for the past two days. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Adding Depth

Yesterday I put down color. Today I added depth. I used a paint trowel, a packing peanut and my fingers. I found a rhythm, a groove, a momentum and freedom I haven't felt in the creative process for some time. It was fun and refreshing. 

When I first looked at it I didn't think I liked it, though I tried to look without judgement. I worried about covering the pink and yellow that I loved so much. As I look at it several hours later I love it. I love the colors and the motion. I love how it embodies the theme I'm going for. 

I'm eager to see how it evolves and changes.

For now I'll just soak up the vibes and wallow in color.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jumping In

I have long been interested in Art Journaling. My Pinterest board of that name tells part of the story of my fascination. 

Today I watched a video from an Art Journaler, Raemissigman, who shows what can be done in 15 minutes. It made me think. 

So I decided that today was the day. The commitment was just to lay down some color on the page. That was all. That was enough. 

That was fun.

I plan to do it again.