Monday, May 29, 2017

Mission Statement

For a while I have been yearning to become more serious about my blog and the time is now ripe. I've changed the name. I have now written a mission statement. 

My blog shares my personal art pieces as well as information regarding writing, technology, and record keeping for artists to develop a community of people who are more articulate about their art and provide information and inspiration.
In addition to posting my own work, I want to combine my love of teaching resources gleaned during my 10 years as a school librarian and the mixed media art I love so much. Stay tuned for information about writing for artists and technology. Is there something you would like to learn related to writing or technology that could help you? If so leave a comment below and I will see what I can do. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Changing Blog Title

Art journal page prompted by Rae Missigman's #artmarks30daychallenge

While I haven't been posting to my blog in a while, I have been fairly active on Instagram. Even before the last post, I made I started considering where this blog was going and some changes I hoped to make. Changes I hoped would make this blog more interactive. 

Art journal page prompted by Rae Missigman's #artmarks30daychallenge

It's not unusual for me to overthink things, to dream up new ideas and leave half of them behind as I forge forward with a creative idea. Each week I thought I would make the decision. I would move forward in a new direction. I did some research. I did some brainstorming. I spent time sketching in the park. 

Finally, today, I made a decision. It wasn't any of the options that had been under consideration.

Finally, I decided to just be me. And so it is. No agenda. Just me. Making art. Sharing joy and art. That is all. So from now on, you can find me by my name. 

A collection of mood books I made from magazines I decided had to go after a spring cleaning purge.  
As stated previously, these hands have not been idle while my mind was working overtime. 

1. Chipping away at The Artist's Way, albeit slowly.

2. Making a Facebook page with artist-friend, Cindi Huss, to keep us accountable to each other. You can check out our page at 

3. Completed Rae Missigman's 
#artmarks30daychallenge part 1 and part 2 

4. Did a studio purge as the spring cleaning bug hit me. I needed room to move about. These beautiful magazines needed to go, so I made them into mood books. That way I could try out binding them with the Coptic stitch. This was something that would have been on my bucket list if I had one. The bindings aren't perfect, but they mark progress. 

The mood books stacked to show bindings. Each book is themed by color. 

Thanks for coming by. I'm excited about providing some new content for you. Let me know if there is something you would like to see.