Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blank Canvas

The past two weeks I’ve had the privilege of test driving  Yota Schneider’s course “The Practice of Letting Go.” I found the course and the participants inspiring.

After a couple of days of pondering what I need to let go of and the reasons for my stuckness, I had an inspiration about how to change my physical space to be more conducive to the kind of writing and dreaming I want to do at this moment of my life.

Those of you who know me will not be surprised that before I actually cleaned the room, I started moving things. Several garbage bags left my home never to be seen again. Shoes went in one donation bag, clothes in another.

Vacuum, dust cloth and laundry basket all worked overtime. Is the work done yet? No, I’m afraid to say that it will take a while, but I can see what it will  look like and sense how it will feel.

In the end I hung a canvas, fresh from the shrink wrap on the wall. I call the area my “Blank Canvas” to remind me what the space means to me. So much possibility awaits. Will I give it space?

Yota’s class was a blessing to me and arrived with perfect timing.

Excuse me while I go sit in my new space.