Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why I decided to reclaim my Boho Mojo

When I was younger I wandered. I traveled. I tried things. I grabbed joy.

Lately I do a job I love, am surrounded by a wonderful family and great colleagues. I indulge myself in my passion for writing and reading children's literature.

So life is good.  Why would I need another blog?

This fall I reread Gretchen Rubin's book The Happiness Project. Once again I enjoyed it. Once again I thought that I'd like to start a Happiness Project of my own to celebrate the happiness in my life and find myself enjoying it more.

About a month ago I read an article by a hospice care worker who said that the number one regret that people had on their death beds was that they had not lived the lives they wanted to. They had done what others wanted them to do. They had caved when pressure came. I must say that I have lived life more or less on my own terms, so I do not worry about that. Yet there are little things I could do to feel more like myself. Small things. Things that mean I am doing the things I think I am about.

Want an example?

Instead of just buying the fabric I will sew it into something.
Instead of merely buying the watercolor pencils, I will draw with them. Maybe I'll even hit them with a brush full of water.
Instead of simply going out for a delicious meal, I will crack open some of my favorite cook books and cook something I haven't had in a long while.
I will share those wonderful photographs I took.
I will be brave and share some of my sketches.
I will make myself go out with camera and tripod and see something new.
I will share that poetry.
I will catch up with old friends.
I will travel.
I will read great literature and not worry about sounding like a snob.

This is my place to be an itinerant poet, artist, happy person.

This is my place to grab joy and to share it.