Friday, August 3, 2012

WFMAD with Laurie Halse Anderson

My old writing haunt

I have found it difficult this year to write consistently. Friends at #pblitchat helped me unlock the reason for this. I realize that for a few years I had a pretty good thing going with a scheduled writing time to do the big work once a week. It was quiet. It was clean. I had no distractions. No one knew where I was. This kept me in the middle of my story and ready to add bits and pieces through the week. The luxury of that scheduled time is gone and is unlikely to return in the near future. 

While I still hope to find a larger chunk of time every couple of weeks, finding ways to keep writing consistently is my primary goal. I find without my routine, I need to be a lot more intentional about fitting it in.

At this juncture I was lucky to catch Laurie Halse Anderson's tweet about her August writing adventure called WFMAD. That's short for Write Fifteen Minutes A Day. I find this challenge a particularly inspiring one as it is pretty simple. The prompts are great, her posts inspirational and I find I can do it. 

Another way for me to reclaim the part of my life that makes me feel alive and joyous! Thanks, Laurie.