Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Push forward

I love mixed media and the layers of gorgeous goodness it entails. Always struck by the depth of some of the mixed media I see, I aim to create such depth myself. I usually come up short, however. The reason, I fall in love with each layer. I fall too easily. 

This week I was inspired by Kim Cammack Hesson's slideshow of her process on Instagram. (You can find her there at @missalayneeah or try her website Watching that slideshow I realized that I would have quit so many steps before she declared herself done. I decided the time has come for me to push forward. And so I am commiting myself to add successively more layers. I know that this is one of the areas that I need to leave behind my comfort zone and push ahead. I may be in love with the colors, but I can go so much further. 

It's taking me a while as I find that more often than not there is paint to watch dry. I have 3 sets of pages going at once. Well, at least 3 sets. That way I can move ahead in each and not need wait as long. 

I'm sure in the past I would have stopped here or two steps before. I'm liking where it is going. Certainly not done yet, but building the layers. There need to be enough of them to be interesting and not just distracting. 

Have you discovered anything about your own work lately? What do you have to fight against? What do you have to push yourself to improve? 


  1. Love all of the layering! I hear you about stopping because you like what you see. I am making a crazy quilt pincushion and I keep wondering if I have stitched enough or should I keep going? lol!

    1. Thanks, Jann, for coming by. I can imagine the problem with deciding when enough is enough on a crazy quilt project. You not only have the two dimensions, but a third to layer up. I would definitely debate on that. I hope your pincushion is going well and you find that sweet spot! I enjoyed your studio tour. Had hoped to join in this year, but chaos happened in the creating space. Perhaps I'll get it cleaned up and get the photos taken for next year.

  2. I am in awe of your wonderful layering technique and the fabulous colors. And yes, I get the stopping thing. It's always a challenge for me -- sometimes it's just essential to walk away and then revisit it. Of course, sometimes that only makes you more frustrated!

    1. Thanks, Jeanie. Your comments always bouy me up. It's funny that I posted this and then went on with life. Now I notice many people talking about adding layers and pushing past comfort. Funny how once you commit to something you notice it all around you. It's always been there, but your eyes are opened. Your observation that walking away can be good or can be frustrating made me laugh. I have had that happen too!


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