Saturday, October 22, 2016

Art on the Run

On the run. 
All the time. 
Art comes along for the ride now. 

Little books made in coffee shops, 
in the car and 
waiting for something I had to wait for. 
No longer remembered, but taking time.

Bits ready for paint, or glue or stamping
can go with me 
and turn this waiting
into playing. 

The coffee shop was crowded
full of people talking
of themselves and their special knowledge. 
Snippets heard and pondered
like the information about how to outrun an alligator, 
fell upon my ears, 
though I bade them not to come. 

The world of ATCs was fresh
an unknown form
lots of fun to try. 
Discovered I like it.

ATCs, little books, envelopes
small treasures of uncertain worth
easy to carry, compact and succinct. 

Color, color, shapes and color
layers, patterns, expected and unexpected

More to come.
Travel bag of paints, pencils, and ephemera
Now my best friend. 


  1. You are so good to do this. I keep thinking I should and it never happens! Right now I'm in a bit of a slump, to be honest, so seeing this is greatly motivating!

    1. Jeanie, you made my day!!! Sorry to hear you are in a slump. Hope you can recapture your vibrant self soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the season. Hopefully you will be back to your antics soon enough.

  2. I wish you'd come to Birmingham and teach a workshop. I'd love to learn some of your techniques! I want to get more involved in art journaling.

    1. Oh Ricki Jill, that's such a sweet thing to say! It would be so fun to meet you and spend some time flinging paint together. (I don't really fling it, but it sounds so freeing, doesn't it?)


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