Monday, January 18, 2016

Work, Family, Art Balance

It's not easy to balance everything. That's exactly the reason I am determined not to give up. So finding ways to sneak in more creativity is an art I want to pursue. 

Some people would stick with one journal and see it through. 

Not me. I am a firm adherent in the multiple journals philosophy. With just five minutes to create, unfurl three journals to in progress pages - usually pages that are in their first few layers of existence. 

Choose one color of acrylic paint and then another as the first one is dried up. A dollop of paint on the palette, a make up sponge and a couple of minutes is enough to move three pages along....more if you have space to spread them out and have them dry. 

Always having something in progress - rather having multiple things in process has been a technique I have used to keep me moving forward. 

It works for me. More pages. More art. More finished products. Happier me. 


  1. You know, that's a really good hint and one I should pay attention to. I hadn't thought about just being able to pick up and finish versus start, even if it's in an existing journal. I admire your keeping to your goal!

    1. Thanks, Jeanie, for your comments. In the past I would have had to plan out the image, know where I was starting and know where I was going. These days I just throw down some paint and see what emerges. It's usually a surprise and often a delightful process.


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